Custom Built Homes

There’s a difference between customised and personalised. As forward-thinking house builders in Australia, we specialise in the latter; providing sound guidance and cooperation from the get-go to the finish line and everywhere in-between.


To help you take your first steps towards making your vision a reality, we have outlined the entire process in easy steps. From start to finish, we are only ever a phone call away. Rest assured we'll be with you at every step should you need any advice or further explanation.

NB: Fees for Core Developments & Construction (Core) will be based on the client's specific design brief, and will be issued following an initial consultation with Core.

Core Developments & Construction can supply 3D designs to help clients visualise the end design.


  • Owner pays a deposit to Core Developments & Construction.
  • Fees to be paid at commencement of stage.
  • Owner to provide:
    • Site Survey
    • Design brief
  • Core conduct site specific and council investigations.
  • Core prepare concept layout for client review.


  • Stage 2 proceeds subject to owners' satisfaction with Stage 1.
  • Preparation of working drawings.
  • Fees invoiced at completion of stage.

    Working drawings produced as follows:

    1. Detailed 1:100 architectural plans
    2. Electrical layout plan
    3. Door and window schedule
    4. Kitchen details
    5. Bathroom and laundry details
    6. Wardrobe details
    7. Schedule of finishes
    8. PC schedule
    9. Construction specification
    10. Supplementary details (Balustrades, sunshades etc).
  • Core will carry out detailed pricing on project.
  • Core will present tender offer to owner.


  • Lump sum contract signed with owners if fixed tender offer from Stage2 is acceptable.
  • Core will provide insurances to owner.
  • Owner to provide evidence of available finance to fund project.
  • Owner to provide proof of land ownership.
  • Core then lodges council application (Combined Development Application & Construction Certificate).


  • Core obtains approvals from council. Review and advise owners of consent requirements.
  • Finalise PC item selections & finishes. Adjust contract price if required as a variation.
  • 2 copies of construction drawings provided to owner.
  • Copy of council approvals provided to owners.


  • Demolition of existing dwelling (If required).
  • Construction commences. Construction period noted in contract.
  • Client pays progress payments in accordance with contract breakdown.


Following the competition of your project Core offers 6, 12 and 18 month meetings to ensure any unexpected challenges are resolved quickly and efficiently.


Following the competition of your project Core offers 6, 12 and 18 month meetings to ensure any unexpected challenges are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Commencement and completion dates are subject to council timeframes, owner variations, information from consultants, unforeseen site issues (latent defects), Union action, material availability and weather. We will of course do all that we can within our powers to meet owners required timeframe objectives.

The fixed price of the contract is subject to change due to unforeseen site issues, owner variations, consultant requested changes, council requested changes. Additional costs which would need to be paid by ‘Owner’ are as follows:

    1. Council fees
    2. Unforeseen additional items as required by council (if applicable).
    3. Consultants fees (i.e. structural design).