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Core WA Darren Johnston

Core WA Darren Johnston

A Culture of Honest, Consistency & Stability

Core WA was founded by Darren Johnston who started in the industry 34 years ago as a carpenter before becoming a registered builder.  Darren has been managing building projects since he was 18. He started on smaller Renovation & Extension Building projects and worked his way up to building large family homes on complicated blocks and commercial buildings such as Schools, Nursing Homes, Synagogues, Churches, Buddhist pray rooms and Breweries.

Core WA are a family run Renovation & Extension Building company in Perth.  They specialise on Home Renovations, Extensions and commercial building projects.  Darren is dedicated to high quality workmanship, integrity and honesty.  Darren prides himself on his team who have worked with him for years, all of whom share his core values.  Its this consistency and stability of Core WA that customers rely on.

Core WA is big enough to be able to provide all required system checks and balances, yet small enough to maintain the “personal touch” in an industry where attention to detail is paramount.


No two Renovation & Extension Builders in Perth think the same. We are passionate about everything we do. Our dedicated team’s capabilities include Core WA's Renovations, Extensions, Second Storey Additions, New Homes, Commercial property development and construction, and beyond. We believe in standing by our clients’ sides every step of the way, pursuing a pro-active approach in all we do. We don’t use commercial contractors. Our team of experienced quality tradesmen is our secret weapon, delivering fast, reliable results each and every time. With Core WA, there’s a solution for every need, and a price for every budget. All you need to do is ask.

Forward Thinking

Core WA is a privately-owned master builder in Perth, delivering cutting-edge performance with value-added building service. We value long-term partnerships and meaningful relationships. There are two things that form the key to success in our industry: Adhering to age-old wisdom and fusing it with a new-age approach. We’ve got the experience, expertise and passion to build on difficult sites and provide exceptional quality. We’ve also got the drive to follow evolving global building trends, ensuring that we can always provide our valued clients with a forward-thinking approach


Quality over quantity – always. Perfection lies in the details, which begins with forming a trusted game-plan to meet your expectations on budget and schedule for your Perth home second storey extension, renovations or commercial projects.  At Core WA our realistic tenders mean we never need to “cut corners” and you never pay over the odds. Ultimately, the quality of your project will never be compromised. We make a point of only taking on a small number of projects per year, giving us more time and energy to focus on making your perfect.

Realistic Expectations. Cost Sensitivity

At Core WA, we believe the devil is in the detail and the detail should mirror your expectations. Our quotes will take your expectations and budget into account, meaning no surprises.  If you use our Architect we will work very closely with you to ensure the design meets your budget exceptions.  If you have used your own designer or architect just send us your plans of your second storey extension or renovation and will provide you with a quote.  As one of the leading Renovation & Extension Builders in  Perth there are no hidden costs with our quotes, our clients reviews of us are testament to our open honest approach to providing quality building projects on time and on budget.