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Custom New Home Build

Are you looking to build a Custom New Home in Perth?  Do you already have a block of land? Do you need advise determining what exactly you want in your new home.  

You have come to the right place to find your answers.  If you have any questions that are not answered here please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your queries.  If you are wanting an obligation free discussion on the best way forward to builder your  Custom New Home call Darren and he will be happy to sit with you to go through your options.

Custom Built New Homes

The advantages of building with a custom home builder are
- A custom built home is totally unique to fit with your block and your personality.
- It is not true that a custom built home is more expensive.  Core have an open and honest process. Nearly every time we have compared the true and complete costs of a build not only are we cost comparable, but we produce a much better finished quality.
- You will experience a much higher level of communication with Core. We can guarantee this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Custom New Home Build more expensiveness than a Project Home

The short answer to this is No.  When you get a quote from Core we will include everything you would expect.  We will discuss with you every area of your build right down to the door stop in your bathroom.  Often project home builders do not include things in their quotes that the average person would think obvious to include. When comparing apples with apples custom home builders are competitive on price and often have a higher finished quality.

What does turnkey mean

This is a term mainly used in the project home arena.  Turnkey is generally related the end price of the project.  The cost for you to get the keys and move in.  It is important to note with the term Turnkey, it does not necessarily mean a complete home with carpets, full house painting or curtains.  It purely means the house is able to be locked up and all items in the contract are complete.  The difference is that with a Custom New Home Build you get to choose exactly what you want in the quality you want at the cost that suits your budget.  Your Custom New Home Build home will be unique to you and your family.