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Second Storey Extensions

A second-story extension adds valuable living space and enhances property value, this expansion offers the flexibility to accommodate evolving family needs and modern lifestyle requirements, ensuring a versatile and lasting enhancement to the overall functionality of the home.

Second Storey Additions

Embarking on a second-story extension is a strategic decision for homeowners seeking to optimise their living space, this expansion not only addresses the immediate need for more room but also allows for innovative design solutions, such as additional bedrooms, offices, or recreational spaces. Beyond personal satisfaction, this investment also typically yields a substantial increase in property value, making it a financially savvy choice for those looking to enhance their home's functionality and market appeal.

Darren the director of Core WA has been building for 34 years and specialises in second storey extensions.  You can be confident that your finished home will have the highest level of craftsmanship that has been customised to your needs.  The end result will be a home with increased functionality with a finish not to be outdone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for a second story extension

Regulations vary by location and size of the project. In some areas, planning permission is required, while in others, certain types of extensions may fall under permitted development rights.

Can I live in my home while the Second storey is built

We have had many clients live in their home while the second storey is being built.  It is very dependent on the work that is being completed and the impact it will have on the ground floor.