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Adding Value to Custom Build New Home, Renovating or adding a Second Story Addition

When thinking about building a new home, renovating or adding a second storey addition people often express their concern that Custom Home Builder are too expensive and that Project Home Builders prices don't reflect the actual items in the display homes.
At Core WA we have proven time and time again that good advise and transparency of costs enable our clients to get the most out of their building project. This article from the Domain web site has some good ideas of optional extras.
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The article titled The five best optional extras to include when building a new house KATE FARRELLY DOMAIN REPORTER FEB 13, 2019 highlight the fact that when looking at display homes they look good for a reason and that they include a lot of upgrades to the basic cost.  These upgrades will hike up the price of a project home.

Kate lists these 5 extras to consider when not only building a new home but also when renovating or adding a second storey.

No 1.  Sustainable Design

Sustainability is on the a top priority of many of the clients we have built for. Items they feel are important are Solar Panels, solar hot water system, double glazing, LED lights and utilizing ceiling fans where possible. A good plan will also take into consideration the orientation of the home and how to best take advantage of light, sun and any potential views.

No 2. Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

Kates research here is spot on again.  When it comes to sell your beautiful home careful consideration of appliances, bench tops fixtures and fitting can increase the price of your property and how attractive it is to potential buyers.

No.3 Heating and Cooling

We don't have many client in the western suburbs who don't want us to install air conditioning.  Careful consideration has to be taking into account when adding extra rooms as it can be tricky to retro fit. Its also important to take into account the capabilities of the air conditioning to ensure you are getting the correct size for the area.  Feature fire places also add ambiance to a room but its important to do your research as a lot of these types of fire places don't give out a lot of heat.  its worth while to get good advise and way up the pros and cons of each model.

No 4.  Outdoor living

You don't have to live on the ocean or the Swan River to appreciate the outdoor lifestyle here in Western Australia.  Encompassing an all-weather entertaining area together with landscaping that compliments your home is always a winner with buyers and will give you that indoor outdoor lifestyle.

No 5. Garage or Carport

No longer is a garage or carport somewhere just to to park you car out of the sun.  There are many things to take into consideration when in the designing stage.  Things like the size of the cars, do you want storage, would you like to enter your house directly from the garage all need to be taken into consideration.  Obviously council regulations play a big part in the decision making process as well.  Its important you work with a builder who understands the council regulation where they are building.

No matter what extras you are considering its important to work with a partner who will give you transparency and keep costs within your budget.

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