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Should I use a licenced builder

Use an experienced builder

If you are looking for a quality Perth Renovation Builder you need to discuss your builders experience. For more than 34 Years Darren at Core WA has been helping clients add space and value to their home through renovations and extensions.  Whether it be a second storey extension to add a bedroom and living area or extending the house to include a larger kitchen, children's play room or a study.

An experienced builder will understand that renovating your home can feel like a huge undertaking, especially when you are juggling a job, children, parties, sports, grandparents and all the other things that modern life throws at us.  The rewards of working with trusted experts removes a lot of the stress of the project and leaves you with all the pleasure of an increased standard of living.

An experienced builder will guide you through the process seemlessley with tried and tested procedures.  They will be able to demonstrate a consistency of site staff which in turn will reduce build times through good communication.  Contact outside normal working hours is a must for busy families, so companies with a 9am-5pm or 7am-3pm attitude wont allow for flexibility.