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Two Story Extension and full Renovation City Beach

Renovation City Beach plus two Story Extension

This client was looking for a Core builder to embrace a significant project in Launceston Ave, City Beach. This endeavor posed notable challenges due to the steep incline of the land, necessitating extensive retaining structures both at the front and rear of the property. These retaining walls are critical for stabilizing the block and ensuring the safety and integrity of the construction.

One of the unique aspects of this tow story extension project is the requirement to accommodate the homeowners who continue to reside on the premises throughout the duration of the build. This necessitates a meticulous approach to construction to minimize disruption to their daily lives. Despite these challenges, Core WA were committed to delivering a high-quality outcome. Additionally, the project entails the addition of a second story to the existing structure, along with the installation of ensuite bathrooms for each bedroom and the construction of a separate granny flat. It is a complex undertaking, but one that we embraced with dedication and expertise.

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